Wheeled Steerskids

Equipped with 4 heavy duty wheels these machines offer great speed and maneuverability. An ideal product where material logistics are required at a demanding pace.

Smaller in stature that full scale loading shovels, these highly efficient machines can clear up debris, move materials around sites or perform a variety of tasks with relevant attachments at a lighting speed. Compact and space efficient, wheeled steer skids can access awkward areas and get the job done in no time.

17 SK

Power: 50 kW - 67.1 HP @ 2600 rpm
Tipping Load: 1960 kg
Shovel Capacity: 0.44 m³
Operating Weight: 3600 kg

19 SK

Power: 53.7 kW - 73 HP @ 2600 rpm
Tipping Load: 2920 kg
Shovel Capacity: 0.56 m³
Operating Weight: 4350 kg



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